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Pursuing Your Dreams

Episode 17: Pursuing Your Dreams: Covid-19 Edition

Nadia McQueen is a fashion designer, celebrity stylist, and photographer who shares how inspires all to continue pursuing your dreams in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic: how she travels, extra precautions she takes, what the fashion and entertainment businesses look like now and how Covid-19 has impacted her businesses.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Nadia found her passion for fashion early as she watched her mother and aunt create prom dresses for others. A gifted seamstress by the age of 11, she began to make clothes for herself, friends, and eventually for profit. In 2015 Nadia started Beyond Measures, where she put on a series of fashion shows that funded nonprofit projects supporting creative careers for youth. She hosted teen vision board parties, college tours, and runway confidence building classes for children in low income communities. She opened her first retail store in 2018 in Cheraw, SC. and began working with celebrities and well known photographers. After her grandfather passed in 2019, Nadia rebranded her business to McQueenz to create a legacy of her own in his honor. The McQueenz name now thrives with a lifestyle magazine, fashion production company and retail store that sells a variety of black designers – inspiring others that pursuing your dreams is possible, even through a global pandemic.