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Prestige Community Resources

Prestige Community Resources (PCR) was established in May 2019 as the nonprofit arm of Prestige Healthcare Resources, a certified, preferred mental health provider in the District of Columbia. 

PCR is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the critical needs of the underserved in our communities. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to stress already-stressed communities, we’re here to help Navigate the New Normal.

PCR nonprofit
PCR nonprofit

Our mission

To support the most vulnerable members of DC’s Wards 5, 7 and 8, especially as the Covid-19 pandemic creates even more challenges to these populations. We serve by helping our community Navigate Our New Normal, offering compassionate care and support through a wide range of services and resources not available elsewhere. 

Our vision

To be the leading and most trusted mental health community-based organization in the DC metro area. 

Our core values

To provide the highest standard of compassionate client-focused care, service with integrity, demonstrate leadership in our field and community, and do so with a team spirit of loyalty, tenacity and positivity.

Our Staff

Wilheim Bonette


Wilhelm Bonnette

Wilhelm Bonnette, President of PCR, has dedicated his career to improving healthcare services within our communities. Prior to joining PCR, he supervised several community-based programs and successfully mentored program staff in director positions throughout the Washington DC community, including as Operations Manager and HR Coordinator for a DC core services agency; as Program Director overseeing a freestanding mental health clinic in southeast DC; and in Budget Management, CRM, Quality Management and Strategic Management roles. He holds an MBA in Healthcare Systems Management and a Masters degree in Project Management from Walden University.

Azia Travers

Project Liaison

Azia Travers

Azia Travers is PCR’s Project Liaison and organizational glue: she independently manages projects, programs and grants, and serves as the liaison between PCR and partner organizations, supporters and the community.  Prior to PCR, Azia worked as a service coordinator and marketing assistant. She is pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Tanea McQueen

Resident Services Manager

Tanea McQueen

Tanea McQueen leads the development, implementation, and management of PCR’s Transitional Housing Programs. A large portion of her career and passion has been working with homeless and previously homeless individuals and families. She approaches her work from a holistic perspective for successful service delivery.

John Smith


John Smith

John Smith is Owner & President of Prestige Healthcare Resources, an award-winning preferred mental health provider in the District of Columbia. John founded Prestige Community Resources in 2019 as PHR’s nonprofit arm. He is a registered nurse with long experience in all aspects of health care including participating in professional practice models and unit based committees, providing clinical guidance instruction to accelerated and traditional students, assisting patients and significant others in meeting their emotional needs, and coordinating patient care with other interdisciplinary teams. John is currently pursuing simultaneous MBA and Master of Science degrees, while leading PHR’s day-to-day operations to achieve its strategic goals. 

Our Board

Betsy Biben

Jermaine Cooper

John Smith

Kaileem Mason

Mike Thompson

Roach Brown

Walter Faggett

Our Team Partners

KB Concepts PR: Communications & Social Media

Market Domination: Podcast Management

Page Consulting: Grants & Development

Vines Films: Documentary Film Series