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Facing Our New Normal: Unemployed And Starting Over

Episode 26: Our New Normal: Unemployed and Starting Over

Like so many others, the COVID-19 Pandemic left Walter Ficklin facing our new normal: unemployed and starting over. With all of his experience and expertise as a community leader, church elder and elected official, he decided to rebrand himself and share his story to help others who may also be facing the same challenges.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Walter Ficklin moved to DC’s Ivy City neighborhood at the age of 18, and promptly developed a Youth Corp in the community. In addition, he helped his church develop a Food Bank to serve financially challenged families. In 2003, Elder Ficklin was elected to the Bladensburg Town Council. Here are some of his many accomplishments as a leader and Town Council member: 1) Liaison for the Bladensburg Pastoral Lay Council, 2) Partnership with seven community organizations for the Toys-for-Tots program, 3) Planned a networking event that involved community schools/ leaders, the faith based community, and public safety department, 4) National League of Cities Policy and Advocacy Committee (IT) 5) Organized several free gospel concerts for Bladensburg residents, 6) Selected by Governor Larry Hogan to serve on the Economic Recreation Commission to evaluate the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission regarding increasing revenue for the State of Maryland. In this episode, Walter Ficklin shares his wisdom and experience while facing our new normal: unemployed and starting over.