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Our New Normal: Homelessness Amidst Covid-19

Episode 20: Our New Normal: Homelessness Amidst Covid-19

Alfonso A. Padrón joined Prestige Community Resources as Senior Housing Coordinator in August 2020, after transforming District Healthcare Services, linking them as the newest DC Coordinated Entry (CAHP) provider. Alfonso previously served as Property Manager for the Larnaca Company in DC, turning their housing development business into a nonprofit organization.  Alfonso became involved in Ward 8 and the DC community as a peer through his work with the Washington DC VA Medical Center Veterans Affairs for Homeless Veterans, which sparked his passion for addressing homelessness and affordable housing issues. In this episode, he shares his experience and thoughts on helping DC recover from Covid-19 and the rise in homelessness amidst the pandemic, and taking up the call for more extraordinary housing services and fairness among our city’s homeless residents. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Industrial Occupational Psychology at the University of Maryland.