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Small Business

Episode 16: How Covid-19 Changed My Small Business

Lynette McNeill-Voss, owner of the small business Vintage & Charmed Classic Clothing, shares how Covid-19 has impacted two small local businesses on Good Hope Road in the Anacostia neighborhood, the same street where Prestige Community Resources’ headquarters is located. Lynette shares the negative experiences (laid off employees, losing money, decrease in sales, frustrations in accessing government assistance for small businesses), and the positive ones (giving back to the community, helping those in need, and seeing business grow again) as she navigated the year-long pandemic. Born in DC and raised in Anacostia, Lynette earned a B.A. in Accounting/Business Administration from the University of the District of Columbia before returning to her lifelong passion for fashion and vintage clothing. In this episode, she shares her entrepreneurial journey, how Covid-19 has impacted her small business and so many others, and discusses how we all move forward as the pandemic finally winds down.

Vintage & Charmed Class Clothing