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Combatting Substance Abuse & Covid-19 Together

Episode 30: Combatting Substance Abuse & Covid-19 Together

Dr. Masica Jordan, EdD, LCPC, CPRS, is President and CEO of Jordan Peer Recovery. As a subject matter expert on culturally responsiveness, she shares her expertise with us on peer recovery support, certification and training, and the challenges of combatting substance abuse and Covid-19 together.

With a PhD in education in counseling/psychology, Dr. JordanĀ has taught multicultural counseling for more than 10 years in collegiate settings, has presented on race relations internationally, and advocates on the front lines for cultural diversity and training among the peer recovery and behavioral health work forces. In addition, she created a proprietary educational system for developing cultural responsiveness that is used in agencies throughout the U.S. for peers and other behavioral health professionals. She has appeared on FOX News as well as a numerous DC talk and news shows. Her monumental work with minority at-risk students was featured in the 2010 HBO documentary film “Waiting for Superman.”